Try BrightPage for free and experience the difference. Available for desktop screens, this web based application requires no download and allows you to save your documents in the cloud.

Our Beta Version is Live!

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Introducing BrightScroll™:
A new way of reading.

With BrightScroll, you get to experience special text movement that mimics your natural eye movements.  

Faster  |  Easier  |  Personalized

A Truly Personalized PDF Reader

Why be bound by the original view? Choose your preferences and see all your text that way. 

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No More Squinting or Zooming

BrightPage is interactive: A single touch transforms your text. 


Read All Your Text,
Your Own Way.

The PDF Reader built for reading. BrightPage makes it easier to read documents on different screens, at home or at work.

Beta now available >


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