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Texting on Mobile Phone

The BrightPage App is Here

Experience an entirely new way of reading documents on your smartphones. We promise you'll love it!

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Reading PDFs on a small screen can be hard

Have you ever experienced zooming in to a PDF only for the sentence to go off the screen? Introducing BrightPage: An interactive PDF Reader that transforms your text with a single touch. View the original document like a conventional PDF Viewer, then enhance your reading experience with the reading bar.

Speed reading with no training required

At the heart of BrightPage is our patent pending natural scrolling technology called BrightScroll™. Read the words in an easy reader bar that moves the text with the same rhythm as your eye movements. It instantly boosts your reading speed with no training required. The text moves so your eyes don’t have to.

1 touch personalization

The appearance of PDFs is normally locked…until now! View the words how you want. Once you’ve made your choice, all the text will show your way in the reader bar. One touch on the interactive PDF brings the text into view. You can still see the document in its original form and then read it with BrightScroll.

Keeps you focused

If you find it hard to maintain focus you’re not alone - half the people we polled said they get distracted while reading. And that’s not surprising when faced with a whole page of little black text. Join the 85% of people who said BrightPage would encourage them to read more of something they otherwise wouldn’t.

Saves your place

Never worry about losing your place. BrightPage automatically remembers the precise sentence you reached. Next time you open the file you can pick up where you left off.

accessibility at its core

BrightPage is endorsed by several vision charities for the way it eases the challenge of eccentric viewing. Eccentric viewing becomes easy because the words never leave the best part of your vision. Many dyslexics like colour filters and struggle with sentences spanning multiple lines. BrightPage provides a solution to both of these issues.

We all use a mixture of skimming through a document to find the useful bits, and in-depth reading when we find the bit we’re looking for. By simultaneously showing the page and the reader bar, you get the best of both worlds: Comfortable reading without ever getting lost.

Skimming vs reading

And much, much more!

One App,
Many Uses

We've created mobile apps for both, iOS and Android OS to provide you with a native experience on smaller screens. Download the free app and start scrolling today!

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Our Desktop App is Live!

We welcome you to try our free product and share your feedback with us because we want BrightPage to be your preferred text viewer. Let's make reading fun, intuitive and accessible for everyone. 

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