We are innovating the digital reading experience.

Have you noticed that text on screen is typically presented like it is ink on a page? The potential of dynamic, powerful, electronic displays is not being harnessed. Reading can be a more engaging and efficient experience for everyone, but a new approach is needed, especially for the visually impaired.

With our technology, you can relax and watch the words Brightscroll past in a way that mimics your natural eye movements. Our text reader instantly gives a fivefold increase in productivity, with no training required. 

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A new reading experience

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The conventional way of reading text is boring and distracting. We wanted to create a better reading experience for everyone. With our Brightscroll technology, we designed an autoscroll that would mimic the natural eye movements.

It's the start of predictive text reading.

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Grant Leadbetter

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Chief Technology Officer


Howard Moshtael

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Chief Executive Officer

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