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How to Improve Reading on Digital Screens Without Distractions

Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Having good reading skills can help you in all spheres of life. It does not matter whether you are a student or a professional, it is common to get distracted while reading on digital screens. Having a conducive and peaceful environment can help you minimize any distractions.

Here at BrightPage, one of the main objectives we try to achieve with our application is to improve concentration while reading. Based on our own findings, here are some of the tips that can help you overcome distractions while reading documents on digital screens.

Choose the right place

Your reading speed and focus can be impacted by your location. You might like to do your reading in the living room but you can easily get distracted by the television in the background. Try to find a place that is adequately lit and free from distractions like things playing in the background. If you plan to read for a few hours, then make sure you are sitting in a comfortable chair or sofa. Be mindful of your posture as slouching or digging your head in your phone or laptop will not only put stress on your eyes but also hurt your spine.

Have a routine

Just like going to the gym or doing yoga, maintaining a fixed schedule for reading will help you get in the routine and will help you keep your focus. Mornings are generally preferred by most people to read as the mind is fresh. However, some people prefer reading later in the day and even at night. The best approach would be to try a few different times of the day and then stick with the one that works the most for you. What is important is that you keep the routine.

Turn off notifications

Notifications like incoming calls and texts can be very distracting. This is felt even more when you are reading on a mobile phone or tablet. The best way to tackle this is to simply turn off notifications. The problem with notifications is that they tend to distract all of us even when they are not urgent. Many phones these days allow you to receive important notifications from your family and you can also select to turn off social media notifications, which tend to be the most distracting and rarely important.

Take breaks

It can get very monotonous to perform the same task for an extended period of time. This is why you should look at taking regular breaks while reading. This is where you switch off from reading and look at doing something completely different. Since you are reading on digital screens, we would not recommend switching to watching television during your break. Instead, think of things like listening to music, preparing yourself a meal, or going out for a walk. When you get back to reading, you will feel fresh and active and ready to keep any distractions away.

Check your performance

Having reading goals can help you monitor your performance regularly. An advantage of BrightPage is that it allows you to change the speed of the BrightScroll (along with many other customization features), meaning that you can gradually increase your reading speed. In case you don’t seem to be achieving your reading goals, you should consider revisiting the points discussed above like your reading routine or your location.

Use Digital Reading Tools

You can find different digital reading tools that can help you concentrate and improve your reading speed. One great application is BrightPage – a PDF reader designed to help you improve your concentration as well as increase your reading speed over time. Have a look at our free application and let us know in the comments section the different tips and tricks you use to counter any distractions.

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