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Welcome to the Press Room

Who We Are

BrightPage Technologies Ltd. is the company behind the BrightPage app. BrightPage is an interactive PDF reader featuring the patent pending scrolling technology called BrightScroll™ technology that mimics the natural eye movement while reading. Our app transforms all your text with a single touch. View the original document like a conventional PDF Viewer, then enhance your reading experience with the reading bar.

Why BrightPage

The main purpose of creating BrightPage is to enhance productivity and speed of reading on digital screens as well support individuals with reading disabilities. With Our patent pending BrightScroll™ technology, users can read the words in an easy reader bar that moves the text with the same rhythm as your eye movements. It instantly boosts your reading speed with no training required. The text moves so your eyes don’t have to. This technology also diminishes the need to pinch and zoom documents on small screens of smartphones and tablets. 

Our Testimonial

"I'm sold! I want it now!"


Sr Program Manager, Microsoft 

"You have found a gap."


Product Manager Executive, Microsoft 

Awards & Prizes

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The Founders

Grant Leadbetter

Chief Technology Officer

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Howard Moshtael

Chief Executive Officer

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Our Branding Kit

If you find it hard to maintain focus you’re not alone - half the people we polled said they get distracted while reading. And that’s not surprising when faced with a whole page of little black text. Join the 85% of people who said BrightPage would encourage them to read more of something they otherwise wouldn’t.

For inquiries, please use the contact details listed below.



Registered Address: 22 Montrose Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G1 1RE

Contact Information

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